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Articles About Peter Blum

''Hypnotherapist and sound-healer Peter Blum talks about
the 60's and the sacred healing force of music

An interview that appeared recently in e-magazine Mixalis. Michael Limnios of Blues-Greece (the online community of people that got the blues in Greece), asks questions that allow me to talk about many different styles of music and musicians who have influenced me, as well as some of the philosophies of music and sound as a healing force that inform my current approach to performing and recording.


Articles by Peter Blum

Myth & Metaphor for Therapeutic Trance

The use of myth and metaphor in therapy and hypnotic work ensure that our communications, our messages to people, are perceived in many dimensions.

Vibrational Healing & Trance Inductions Using Singing Bowls

Throughout history, healers have used vibrations — specifically the audible vibrations of sound and music — as a pivotal modality, to induce and enhance healing states of consciousness.

Hypnosis and Shamanism

Most of today’s hypnotists primarily use spoken language to help their clients enter hypnotic trance... I propose that by staying within the limitations of our western, civilized mind-set of what a hypnotist should look or act like, we lose access to so many of the tools, attitudes, and methodologies that we can learn from the world of traditional shamanism.

Hypnosis as Energy Work

Human beings are beings of energy. In the process of training, a hypnotist learns to develop sensory acuity, to quiet down in order to attune him/herself to the energy field(s) of his client.

Ericksonian or Blumian?

I began to teach "Ericksonian Hypnotherapy," but I am beginning to think that it really has evolved into something else. In Dr. Milton Erickson's own words (1983), "Develop your own technique. Don't try to use somebody else's technique. ...Don't try to imitate my voice or my cadence. Just discover your own. Be your own natural self. It's the individual responding to the individual..."

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