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"After the treatment with singing bowls, I felt terrific, energized. My neck felt good with no restrictions or pain. I was in a fabulous mood afterwards. Thanks!"
Chloe M., L.M.T., NYC


" ...the ear, the vibration sensor, serves to charge the organism with electrical potential. It is thanks to the ear that external stimuli are able to charge the cortical battery."
 - Alfred Thomatis, M.D.

Peter Blum "bowling'

It is somewhat inevitable and actually of great value that each person who becomes a healer brings their own particular past skills and competencies to bear in their individual approach.

For me, growing up in a musical household, and having had a lifelong love affair with music, it was quite natural that sooner or later, I would begin to appreciate some of the applications of sound and music for healing purposes. 

As research by Dr. Thomatis and others has pointed out, our sense of hearing is one of the first that is developed and activated, in utero. Each one of us, while in our mother's womb, floated in a dark environment, filled with different sounds.

The mother's heartbeat (approx. 50-60 beats/minute); the mother's breathing, a soft whooshing in and out, sounding much like distant surf coming in and going out (approx. 12-15 cycles/minute); the mother's voice, muted and high pitched, sounding a bit like dolphin sounds; these are some of the primary sounds… in the background were other sounds from the outside coming through in a muffled way.

We are rhythmic creatures. In as much as all matter is vibrating, our bodies are a series of overlapping rhythmic patterns: heartbeat, pulse(s), brainwave activity… When we speak, there are variations of pitch and tone, volume and rhythm that, according to research, are responsible for 38% of the communication (the remainder of human communication is 55% nonverbal, and 7% the words we use). So, we are all using sound and music as part of our ongoing human experience and communication network, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

There are many applications of the use of sound and music for healing, and hypnotic work; three primary uses that I have researched and utilized effectively in my practice are

  1. How to choose (and use) Himalayan "singing bowls" for entrancement and truly amazing "sonic baths",
  2. How to use drum or rattle to pace and lead brain-wave activity of your client (neural entrainment), and
  3. How to develop a more sonorous voice, and clear sinuses and thinking through the practice of overtone singing.

Sounds for Healing Meditation Performances

Sounds for Healing Workshops

Private Soundhealing Sessions

Himalyan singing bowls, Om image

Sounds for Healing Meditation Performances

Imagine a room filled with the magical healing sounds of over 30 Tibetan singing bowls, gantas (bells) and tingshas (small paired cymbals). Sounds For Healing concerts may also include overtone singing, tamboura, and drumming and performances by Pulse Field (Peter Blum, Naaz Hosseini, David Budd, et. al).

Whenever possible, concerts are scheduled in environments that are acoustically and spiritually optimal. Crystal and new age bookstores, yoga studios, churches, yurts and kivas have all hosted Sounds For Healing concerts. Audience members are encouraged to bring pillows or blankets to be able to relax their bodies and let the music transport their minds and spirits inward or outward.

Sounds for Healing Workshops

This intensive workshop combines active sound practice with listening and contemplation on a conscious and unconscious level. No prior training is necessary. The practices taught are of value to musicians, healers, and lay people interested in expanding their musical and intuitive skills. Sounds for Healing workshops are offered in different formats. The same information and basic practices can be condensed or expanded, depending on the time available.

Workshop Outline:

  • Historical overview: sound for healing in different times and cultures
  • Breathing/vibration for relaxation
  • Singing Bowls to tune the mind/body
  • Vowel sounds toning of body centers
  • Group sounding of names
  • Basics of "magical" overtone singing
  • Shamanic journeying with drum
  • Alpha-Theta brain wave entrainment
  • Deep listening meditations

Cost per participant is as follows:
1/2 day (3 hr) workshop: $50
1 day (7 hr) workshop: $100
2 day workshop: $175

Private Soundhealing Sessions

Peter Blum, Healing with Voice and Singing Bowl

I offer private Sound-Healing sessions. My work is based on over 25 years of studying and practicing the healing powers of sound and music.

(Photo: Peter alters the sounds of the bowl using his mouth as a resonator.)

Each session begins with a brief consultation to ascertain which issues (i.e. physical trauma, chronic illness, emotional toxicity, etc.) are to be targeted. Healing sessions are centered around the Himalayan Singing bowls. Other musical healing sounds which may be employed include overtone singing, the tamboura, wooden flute, drums and rattles.

In addition to receiving sound in a passive manner, clients are taught how to use these tools for meditation, healing, accessing inner wisdom and intuition. These safe and enjoyable practices have been used for thousands of years by many cultures to calm or energize the body.

Peter Blum playing flute

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