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DVD Videos

In response to the requests from students and fellow hypnotists, I've filmed a series of four training DVD’s showing actual, non-rehearsed hypnosis sessions in their entirety.

Their unique format maximize them as teaching tools, showing each session twice — the second time has freeze frame with titles and my voiceover, explaining the techniques being used and giving an overall sense of the general progression of each session.

Peter Blum's Naturalistic Hypnosis Training videos

Music CDs

The original 4-CD “Sounds for Healing” series was released in 1999, so these recordings are celebrating a 10th anniversary. They have proved to be popular as a adjunct to bodywork/massage, self-hypnosis, surgery recovery, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, etc. Thousands of copies are circulating round the world, being heard and felt in homes, hospitals, and clinics.

All of them feature the incredible spacious and meditative sounds of the Himalayan singing bowls in different settings.

Sounds For Healing, Vol. V by Peter Blum

The latest, “Singing Bowls and One”, a double CD more for “active listening” and exploring different combinations of singing bowls with the voice and other instruments.

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